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About Us

Sliding Doors was founded by Scottish dance artists Clara Cowen and Rachel Laird in 2019.


Our Story

Clara and Rachel met by sheer coincidence, through a mutual friend at an audition back in 2014. In a twist of circumstance, they were both forced to spend a total of 9 hours together at a bus station.


This escalated into three years of living together, travelling all over the world and studying at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. While members of the National Youth Dance Company of Scotland, the two toured nationally and internationally to India, Belgium and Australia.

A spark of creative compatibility ignited.


On New Year's Day 2019, while waiting for a takeaway, ‘Sliding Doors’ was born from a hungover conversation where they expressed, with as much energy as they could muster, their desire to collaborate.

Reflecting on the series of events causing them to meet, Clara and Rachel likened their situation to the fascinating premise of the 1998 film Sliding Doors.


Inspired by their collective experiences, their very own ‘Sliding Doors’ concept aims to create work that everyone can access. No previous dance experience necessary. Text is integral to their practice, allowing a unanimous celebration of life’s chances, whether or not we choose to take them.

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