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​Join two best friends in a "cheeky, honest and confrontational romp" through the rollercoaster of their early twenties. From online dating and one-night stands to insincere rejections

and moving on.

By fusing contemporary dance and text in equal measures , sometimes formal or genuinely conversational, you are brought into the honest world of two best friends. Penthouse Hickies is a fractured narrative, showing flashes of moments that dramatise the romantic experiences of your twenties through

the highs and lows.

Penthouse Hickies is Sliding Doors' first creation. It made its debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 to a sold out audience at Dance Base, followed by positively reviewed performances in London including Rising Tides and Resolution 2020 at The Place. In February 2020 Sliding Doors were invited to Citymoves in Aberdeen to undertake a residency to extend the work.


Due to COVID-19 Sliding Doors' upcoming performances have all been cancelled or postponed. As a result, we will be working remotely and with thanks to CityMoves  we have been offered an online research and development where we have continued researching whilst being in lockdown in two separate countries.

Image by Maria Falconer

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